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Nezukoo 5 soat oldin
I love cathrine so much!!!! She should have her own channel
Nebula Gordon
Nebula Gordon 5 soat oldin
Aww elle is so cute
potter world
potter world 5 soat oldin
14:35 that is செம்பருத்தி Love from tamilnadu
Ambrocia Jorgensen
Ambrocia Jorgensen 5 soat oldin
Thanks god bless
Prachi D
Prachi D 5 soat oldin
Those flowers at 14:35 are called Hibiscus. They are often used as offerings to Ganesha or other Gods, here in India. Also, I am obsessed with gardening and greens, and watching this video was a pleasure! <3
Lemei Salim
Lemei Salim 5 soat oldin
I don't think I will ever get shout-out here.😭 Just imagine 19 M subscriber n how can they choose me 😭😭
Kauthar Sydow
Kauthar Sydow 5 soat oldin
Its was the screaming for me 🤣🤣❤
Andrea Hernandez-Tamayo
Andrea Hernandez-Tamayo 5 soat oldin
“We” you mean the landscapers.....?
Namya Priya P
Namya Priya P 5 soat oldin
They are hibiscus flowers 🌺
Saumya Mutalik
Saumya Mutalik 5 soat oldin
Baby no.4??
Foodielicious Vee
Foodielicious Vee 5 soat oldin
Jayleen Ramirez
Jayleen Ramirez 5 soat oldin
I am a huge fan of the ace family
Tiyana Smith
Tiyana Smith 5 soat oldin
Red flowers are hibiscus 🌺 they grow in Sri Lanka too!!
SANJUKTA DAS 5 soat oldin
Red ones are hibiscus 🌺
Sathyaa Varatharaj
Sathyaa Varatharaj 5 soat oldin
Hibiscus flowersss!!
potter world
potter world 5 soat oldin
Any indian ?☺️
Princess Me
Princess Me 5 soat oldin
@theacefamily The flower is called hibiscus🌺
Krystal Bova
Krystal Bova 5 soat oldin
Ahhh I can’t believe steals birthday is on the 20th of June and mines on the 19th of june
Nat 5 soat oldin
I love when Catherine takes over ❤️
Kaneisha Ivanna
Kaneisha Ivanna 5 soat oldin
This are hibiscus 🌺 you get those in the Caribbean
santosfanny123 5 soat oldin
A proposal that no one has beat yet
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rocio martinez 5 soat oldin
I see TOUR coming our way 🤨😌😬
Viridiana Lopez
Viridiana Lopez 5 soat oldin
Totally love how Catherine took over. She brings good vibes I love it. 😊🙂☺😆
TheBrownKudi 5 soat oldin
14:30 they are called hibiscus 🌺
Arpita Pati
Arpita Pati 5 soat oldin
Last red flower is hibiscus
M D 5 soat oldin
Red Hibiscus. I think
Lesliy Guzman
Lesliy Guzman 5 soat oldin
I live in Arizona
Stephanie Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez 5 soat oldin
Catherine raising some amazing kids ❤️
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Only the future Billionaires are reading these, and taking me to the journey of 2k before the end of this month [email protected],,,,.
Marcia Recinos
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Syn K 5 soat oldin
Hibiscus are available in my place like literally anywhere 🤭🤭
kellna zialor
kellna zialor 5 soat oldin
yu are the cutest family
Rene Nacis
Rene Nacis 5 soat oldin
Happy birthday Cathy
Syn K
Syn K 5 soat oldin
The red flower is called HIBISCUS. Which Austin liked it!
Navya Gayathri
Navya Gayathri 5 soat oldin
🌺 hibiscus ❤️
Rylee Pilon
Rylee Pilon 5 soat oldin
You guys should make a video where Elle and Alaia get to choose your outfits for the day!! 🤣❤️
Rose Jeed Porcel
Rose Jeed Porcel 5 soat oldin
The Red flower is Called Gumamela in Philippines or hibiscus 🌺🌺
Priyanna 5 soat oldin
The flowers at 14:35 are called Hibiscus! This emoji right here: 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 I literally grew up with these flowers in pretty much every house I’ve lived in 🤍
Christie ghazarian
Christie ghazarian 5 soat oldin
She gets these really expensive stuff done to her face (making her skin better) and expects us to believe her products actually work. 🙄🙄😂😂
Ski Martin
Ski Martin 5 soat oldin
@Theacefamily. It is call the hibiscus tree, I had them in my yard growing up
Emmet K
Emmet K 5 soat oldin
God I feel bad for that baby....
Keytyana Perez
Keytyana Perez 5 soat oldin
Gumamela flowers 🌺
Atreyee Das
Atreyee Das 5 soat oldin
The red ones are red hibiscus....pretty famous in India
Poornima R
Poornima R 5 soat oldin
The red one's r Hibiscus flower🌺
Preethi Naidu
Preethi Naidu 5 soat oldin
Those red flowers in your landscape are called “hibiscus” these are organic flowers their leaves are used for hair growth 🌺
Shara Murtha
Shara Murtha 5 soat oldin
Do you guys have any plants inside?
Anna slim
Anna slim 5 soat oldin
My birthday is June 13th and can I please have a shout-out
Emilyros Hames
Emilyros Hames 5 soat oldin
Those red flowers are called hibiscus 🌺
Vasantha Thangavelu
Vasantha Thangavelu 5 soat oldin
Steel boy 😎👊did not want to leave daddy's lap to be with grandma he's smile makes yur day haven't seen the outside anytime the tour around was great massive garden project 👌 beautiful ❤️ that structure of the little wall separating the road is lovely love the garden those flowers hibiscus they beautiful ❤️ haven't seen one here in South Africa ❤️ I Love. gardening all kinds veg land scaping dad does look slim when Cathy spoke I wandered who's that the house is mighty big sometimes when the kids are running around they look so tiny and the echoes it's like a empty vessel making a big sound rats are exerywhere just throw some ratax pallets they disappear I did
Anamika Singh
Anamika Singh 5 soat oldin
Last red flowers is hibiscus plant....
Nicole Carlos
Nicole Carlos 5 soat oldin
I love Catherine! She's so sweet, gentle, pure and genuine 🤗 love her energy so so much!!! ✊🏻❤❤
Akshayaa K
Akshayaa K 5 soat oldin
Hibiscus or shoe flower🌺
Janhavi Phadke
Janhavi Phadke 5 soat oldin
They are called the Hibiscus 🌺😚😚😚😚 Love to you catherine from India ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Eyael Tesfaye
Eyael Tesfaye 5 soat oldin
Who else thinks the news is that there will be a basket ball game and people can come or they are launching new merch
mathi vathani
mathi vathani 5 soat oldin
The red one with 5 petals is hibiscus
Tiana-Lee Endo-Sumic
Tiana-Lee Endo-Sumic 5 soat oldin
The red one is hibiscus! I’m from Hawaii & we have those here too! <33
sarvika pcmb c
sarvika pcmb c 5 soat oldin
The red ones are called hibiscus
Vedanga Binu
Vedanga Binu 5 soat oldin
those red flowers which austin was pretty they were called hibiscus they are so propular in india kerala
rithikastar 5 soat oldin
Hibiscus or shoeflower!
Bee bee
Bee bee 5 soat oldin
That red flower is hibiscus. National flower of Malaysia. Love from Malaysia.
bennzel bejesus
bennzel bejesus 5 soat oldin
Rehaana M
Rehaana M 5 soat oldin
It’s called the hibiscus flower ☺️ great video as usual Ace family..loving the landscapinggg 💕
Nightcore Omega
Nightcore Omega 5 soat oldin
Lailai world most cutest baby
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 5 soat oldin
new juice cups
Dina Yasmianti
Dina Yasmianti 5 soat oldin
Its look loke hibiscus. Have a lot in indonesia like that
hussayna maria
hussayna maria 5 soat oldin
Catherine do u still speak Arab and French
Roohani Bajaj
Roohani Bajaj 5 soat oldin
14:40 They are HIBISCUS Austin!!!😂😂
Sweetneko Asuna
Sweetneko Asuna 5 soat oldin
The red soothies as Austin worded it is called a hibiscus. They come in a variety of colors and is the state flower where I’m from in Hawaii 🌺❤️
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 5 soat oldin
I can never get use to him saying “cathy “ I just can’t! I’m so use to him sayin “my bae bae” or “my queen” etc or just Catherine lol The Cathy is messin with me
fern nandez
fern nandez 5 soat oldin
CAN WE GET A DAY IN THE LIFE OF LAI LAI? 😂😂😂😂😂🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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Victoria Ortiz 5 soat oldin
Steel boy handsome boy😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰
Lady Valguna
Lady Valguna 5 soat oldin
Heyyyyy. Sis Cath, those res flowers are called gumamela, has a lot of variety here in the 🇵🇭. You can DM me on insta if you want some, we can talk @laytheangel10 God bless
Maryam Rami
Maryam Rami 5 soat oldin
It is Hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower!!
Susmita Chettri
Susmita Chettri 5 soat oldin
name of a red flower is hibiscus
diya 5 soat oldin
Manasa Kethineedi
Manasa Kethineedi 5 soat oldin
They’re hibiscus.. Indians decorate gods with that flower also it has some great medicinal properties useful for hairgrowth Also i love you guys❤️
Ananya Ravi
Ananya Ravi 5 soat oldin
The red flower is known as hibiscus ❤️ and it grows in other different colours like pink and yellow 🌺
verena khoury
verena khoury 5 soat oldin
Comment what video introduced you to the ace family ? For me it was when Austin pranked catherine by being theodore 😍 and since then I've never passed a video without watching it and actually enjoying it ❤️ also following you guys on all social media platforms 🙈😘
Michelle Saverimuttu
Michelle Saverimuttu 5 soat oldin
Shoe flower
Nebula Gordon
Nebula Gordon 5 soat oldin
Catherine is so beautiful and humble I love her